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Undertale is a famous game created by one person – Toby Fox. This title has conquered millions of gamers’ hearts due to its amazing world, interesting story, and absolutely charming heroes. The game is based on two main questions. The first one is about violence – can we actually deal without it? Is it possible for a human being to avoid destroying everything on his/her way, even if these are monsters? And the second question is connected with multiple universes and idea of the world’s rebirth. As such, we can suggest that Toby Fox welcomes us to discover some really interesting ideas and search for the answers to the eternal philosophical questions. In addition to such an epic and interesting background, the game is filled with amazing jokes, absurdist situations, and super-engaging puzzles.

Everything starts when Frisk, or a Human Child, appears in the world of the Undertale. He gets there accidentally after falling down from a magical mountain Ebott and rolling under the ground. Frisk is the eighth human being that accidentally made his way to another world. He meets monsters on his way and they all treat him differently. However, depending on the route he chooses, their attitude will change – those that are pacifistic will support and help him, while the evil ones will be frustrated in case he chooses the nonviolent path and vice versa. As for the paths to follow, the play the main role in the game and decide the destiny of the world you appeared in (and your own, of course).
The player has a freedom of choice. When meeting the demons, he/she can behave differently: start a fight, stay neutral, or deal with them in a friendly and peaceful manner. You can become friends with the demons if you decide to talk to them. In case you start attacking, they will stab back. With time, your route will shape according to the actions you choose – Pacific, Neutral, or Genocide. In case the player follows the Pacific way, Sans and other peaceful demons will start helping him and claim that he is the kind person with a warm heart. In case you choose Genocide as your route, you will fight Sans as the main boss when the game will approach to the end. It is suggested that when Frisk becomes violent and starts killing monsters, this is not his authentic personality, but he is being possessed by Chara, the first kid who came to the Underworld. Chara was an evil child and wanted the entire universe to die, so when she controls Frisk, he behaves violently and Chara finally gets what she wants.
In the game, you will definitely feel the connection between the destiny of the entire world and your personal decisions. Remember that the power of your soul can be destructive or creative and the choice is always yours. You are the one to save or to ruin this world! Have fun in the game and choose the scenario you like the most. We have the original title in this section, as well as numerous additional ones, like Roblox Undertale, Sans Simulator (all parts), and more! You will also find descriptions of characters on these pages and other useful information for fans! Have fun – all games are full and free to enjoy!

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