Sans Simulator 2

Here comes the second part of a well-known Sans Simulator! The previous part of the battle game was extremely successful and numerous gamers liked it a lot. That is why, expecting for a new one to appear was right. Now you can play it right here – the online version is already available. The skeleton Sans will meet Frisk that followed the wrong path in the world of Undertale one more time. In the first part, Sans becomes the enemy of the Human Child and starts struggling with him only in case the young boy chooses the dark path of violence – the Genocide route. When it happens, Sans must stand against the character. Their capacities are balanced in a pretty strange manner. Sans has a huge number of different weapons, including peaceful ones – telekinesis, transportation, tunnels, and many more. However, he also has attacking spells and namely a mighty blaster. Even though the skeleton doesn’t like applying the violent methods, being the most peaceful creature of Undertale, he has no choice sometimes. Frisk cannot boast of a huge arsenal of weapons. All he has is a small knife. However, Sans dies from one stab, so whenever Human Child moves to close and hits the opponent, he will win this battle.
The second part is a battle of Sans and Frisk’ soul represented by the small heart that can change colors. Sans will run after the heart, trying to hit it with his spells, but the heart will move around the corridors and tunnels of the Underworld. Sans is trying to take the life energy from the heart at all costs and it tries to fight back. The souls in Undertale can enter different regimes marked with various colors – Red, Blue, Orange, and Green. The heart will change the shade when moving. The regimes change the movement and helps the heart stand against the skeleton. You should predict the moves of Sans in order to save the soul and run away from the Underworld to help Human Child come back home. Or else – you can play for Sans. There is always a chance that you will make friends and stop fighting. As you remember, the main idea of Undertale and Deltarune is that you can be peaceful in any situations and easily make friends with demons. Try the game now and have fun!

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