Sans Simulator 3

Waiting for the new chapter of Deltarune and Undertale stories, fans are looking for any opportunity to enjoy their favorite game and meet amazing character one more time. That’s easy now, because we have an exclusive entertainment for you – Sans Simulator! And this is already the third part of it, so hang on and get ready for a serious battle! As you remember, the first parts depict how Human Child appears in front of Sans – his main enemy now – and the battle between these two is about to start. Such a scenario becomes possible only when the kid choose the path of evil and deals with the Underworld demons using force and weapons. As the main pacifist and Buddhist in this game, Sans becomes his main enemy. Our skeleton has no choice but to stand against Human Child in a battle.
The simulator allows you to become a part of this legendary struggle, choosing one of the sides – whether you want to play for Sans or Frisk. Both have their interesting features, but most players choose Sans for a number of reasons. First of all, this is the only game where you can play for this adorable character – nobody wants to lose such a chance! Second, Sans has so many interesting weapons to try! And they mostly include those that don’t bring pain to the opponent – they are controlling and defensive in most cases. For example, telekinesis or teleportation can change the direction of the battle and make Sans win. As for Frisk, he has the only simple weapon in his hands – a knife. However, only one stab is enough to kill skeleton, so whenever he manages to approach too close and make a precise hit, he wins this struggle. Choose your hero and start the fight now! The third part includes new features and improvements! For example, the controls are better than they were before, so fighting becomes convenient. In addition, the battle system is upgraded and the characters can do some additional moves that were not available before. Enjoy fighting and win this match of principles – violence and non-violence! This is more than just a fight of a Human Child and a demon. No matter which side you choose, be careful and make thoughtful moves. Remember about the balance of characters and peculiarities of both.

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