Sans Simulator

Are you missing Undertale and want to immerse yourself in this amazing world of monsters and intriguing adventures again? Well, here you go then! We bet that among all the characters of the game, you like Sans the most – he is charismatic, intelligent, and so adorable! So now you have a chance to play for him in this amusing Sans Simulator. The title was created by fans of Undertale, so this is not an official release. Still, the game is pretty nice and high-quality. When you enter the game, you should start with choosing a name, like in the classical old-school RPGs and the original game of Undertale. The game allows you to play for one of the characters – Sans or Frisk (or the Human Child, the main protagonist of the game). Sans has a huge arsenal and can attack in many different ways. On the contrary, Frisk has only one weapon – a knife, but when he hits Sans with that knife, the skeleton dies right away. The battle takes place at the end of the adventure and in this game Frisk followed the route of Genocide, since only when you choose that scenario, Sans becomes your enemy. Also, the Human Child possesses the 19th level, that is why he is pretty strong. To avoid the attacks, you should lean timely – press the space bar to do that. Also, Sans has a bar of stamina and when he becomes too tired after attacking too much, he won’t be able to hide from the strikes.
Among Sans’ attacks, you will find numerous magical moves. For example, there is a Bone attack – he summons a long bone to fight with it. He can summon the tunnel that turns only left all the time. Next, there is a Mountain of Bones – the attack that strike the enemy with a huge lamp of bones (you can strike right or left, pressing the relevant buttons). Sans can entrap the enemy with two bones that move towards each other and squeeze the rival. The damaging attack is blaster and there are different types of it, including a regular one, colorful, self-directed, and side-blaster available in the Green and Orange regimes. There are different soul regimes, by the way, so you can choose them in the course of the battle. As always, Sans have an ability to use telekinesis and turn Frisk’s soul into a flower, transferring it to a distant place. In case the player had a red regime before that happened, he will come back to the same regime again. The spell doesn’t work in Orange and Green regimes.

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