Undertale 2

The famous masterpiece by Toby Fox called Undertale conquered the world of gamers some time ago. The game has attracted numerous players with everything, including music, great plot, amazing visuals, and absolutely adorable and well-thought characters, of course. The story is fantastic and imaginative – there are so many diverse options to follow and therefore gamers have already passed this masterpiece for a couple of times in different regimes, which is absolutely non-doubtful. Most of them are curious about the continuation. Will the world see the second part of Undertale? Can we expect for another incredible journey to the world of monsters and strange creatures?
The first part was created a couple of years ago, but since that time, the developer didn’t announce any new projects. The question of sequel is open, because Toby works on the games on his own, which means that he needs a great deal of time to draw everything, write the music, invent all the features, and deal with the technical part. Indeed, one needs years to work out a high-quality game, so in case Toby won’t find partners and people ready to support him, chances are that the time needed for a second part of the project will be too long. He himself suggests that nobody will remember and need Undertale in 10 years (this might be the approximate period of game creation for one person). However, the success of the first part and the prequel Undertale hints that we will definitely see a new title from Toby for sure.
Undertale and Deltarune take place in different universes, still they have too much in common. Maybe, these are the same worlds in different times? Who knows, but the characters, locations, and lives are not the same as you remember them. This is a new story in the new world, still they are somehow connected – the letters in the words are the same, placed in different orders. This might be a hint that a previous universe reborn, this a new life, but it still takes place here, in this world. Maybe, the next part of the story will be something like this? A fresh breath, a new one, unlike the previous one that is over, but the air is still the same. Stay tuned and keep visiting our resource – we will upload the game immediately after the launch!

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