Undertale Chara

Chara is the name of the very first human child who appeared in the world of the Underworld. When you start playing, this is the character you have to name, but you cannot play for her. She looks like Frisk and even her clothes are pretty similar to his. The gender of both characters is hard to determine, but the fans believe she is female, and Frisk – a boy. They come to Underworld as young children. Their souls are colored the same. You will see Chara’s soul depiction on her grave deep in dungeons of Underworld.
A path taken by the player, Chara’s clothes will have different colors. In case you are following the violent scenario, she will wear a creamy shirt and dark-red pants. Her skin is pink, her hair is brown, as well as her eyes. Chara’s face expression is a bit spooky – she is always smilingin an unfriendly manner, unlike the Frisk who has a calm expression that doesn’t change. Flowey, thinks that protagonist reminds him of the very first child that visited Underworld, namely their eyes are filled with hope. In Pacific scenario, the girl is named far from best person and she climbed mountain for bad reason. She actually was misanthropic and hated everyone. In Genocide choice passed, she becomes polite and nice, thankful & reasonable to other characters. In case Frisk refuses to destroy everything, she gets angry & puzzled with no idea – is there something protagonist wants instead of the dead universe?

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