Undertale Characters

Undertale is a bright game that can boast of memorable original characters. Indeed, if you have ever played this cool title, you can never forget the heroes! The first one we would like to describe is the main hero – Human Child. This is a playable character that falls in the world of demons and starts his adventure there. In case he follows the pacific route, all the monsters of Underground become his friends and come to support him. Human Child meets Toriel at some point – a gentle mother-like hero, who looks like an anthropomorphic lamb. She nearly takes him by the hand and guides through the ruins, since she is a guardian of that place. Toriel looks cute and kind, but she possesses the power of fire and can be dangerous to enemies.
Also, the main character meets Sans in the forest – he is a funny skeleton in a blue hoodie. This character is one of the most interesting and mysterious in the game. He has super-powers, makes portals, and can read people’s mind with telekinesis. Also, is against violence in all forms. Whenever he needs to battle someone, Sans tries to defeat the opponent with nonviolent methods and rarely uses the laser. He is a brother of Papyrus. Papyrus is a skeleton as well, only much more energetic than Sans. He always blames his brother of being lazy. Even though he is right, there is still the question whether Sans is lazy or just wise and observant. Papyrus looks cool and tough, he is always smiling, and wears grungy scarf and boots. He is very assured of himself and has a high opinion about his mightiness and charm.
The character willing to kill Human Child is Undyne, a warrior-girl wearing heavy armor and spears. She hates humans with all her heart and really likes killing them with spears. Undyne is the royal guard of the Underground and she protects these lands from strangers. Another character who is not very friendly about the human beings is Flowey. This is a small flower with a human face, who can change the expressions – from smiling to frightening. Even though he might seem cute, remember that he is a small sadist who have no ability to feel human emotions and believes that the world’s man rule is “defeat or get defeated”.

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