Undertale Piano Puzzle

Undertale is the game that makes you fall in the world of underground creatures. You appear there accidentally and this world is not the best place to stay, so you start searching for the way up. To get out of there, you have to solve a number of puzzles and combat (or make friends) with the monsters. Basing on your decisions, you will arrive to different outcomes and your experience will vary. One of the tasks to tackle is Piano Puzzle. This one is known as one of the most complicated ones, so most gamers need advice on how to cope with it and continue the adventure.
You will find this puzzle in Waterfall, where you meet Shyren. Enter the room and you will see the piano that can be played – press Z key and use arrows. The piano includes five sounds. Near the instrument there is a small tablet that says that the first eight notes are fine. To solve this puzzle, you should give the statue standing nearby an umbrella to stop the water falling on her. When the rain is stopped, the song starts playing. When the song starts, you must rush to the piano and play the first eight notes of the song. The sequence is: neutral, up, right, neutral, down, neutral, down, right. The game suggests that there are eight notes to play, but players can solve it with seven notes, as well. The reason is that the existence of the sixth note is under the question. As such, you can skip this note and solve the puzzle anyway. This sound is neutral in the sequence described above. The game developer took care of people who have hearing problems. In the Undertale v1.001, you can see the solution of the puzzle appearing above the statue after a couple of rainy minutes. The instructions are given in the written form, you one can read them and play the song without orienting on the sound.
One of the main reasons of Undertale’s popularity is the richness of the gameplay. There are numerous tasks and puzzles in addition to combats here. The puzzles like Piano make the game even more exciting and interesting. Enjoy playing it on our website right now – it is free, unblocked, and full! Have fun and join the huge community of Undertale fans.

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