Undertale Sans

One of the best old-school style games of the last decade – mysterious Undertale – took the Internet by storm. Not only the game conquered the audience with its cool gameplay, visual style, and even philosophy of nonviolence. Also, memorable and interesting characters attracted numerous players – all of them have their original stories, appearance, traits, and style. One of them defiantly is Sans, the skeleton. He is the major hero of the title and a brother of Papyrus. For the first time, players will see him at Snowdin Forest. The main character escapes from the Ruins, then he acts as a supportive hero for those who follow Neutral and Pacifist scenarios, and appears as the boss at the end for those who choose Genocide scenario.
Sans look like a skeleton in a hoodie. He also has a white shirt, black pants, and slippers on his feet. He has small white “apples of the eyes” when he is calm, but these dots disappear once Sans get angry. When he activates his special ability – telekinesis – one of his eyes turns blue and the other disappears. The blue color represents justice, peace, and truth. The main trait of Sans is laziness – he prefers spending his time sleeping and relaxing. He has an inner conflict regarding this state of mind. Sans is wondering, if he is being lazy because of the knowledge he possesses – he is a fatalist who knows the essence of things. Whatever you do, remembers Sans, will turn into ashes when the new timeline will begin. At the same time, he is not sure that this knowledge is the reason to be as lazy as he is. Sans is very attentive and reads people’s states and past just looking at their faces. For example, when he meets protagonist, he can say for sure that he has accomplished particular tasks. He likes comedy (what is more, he might be a great humorist himself), science fiction, and ketchup. One thing Sans hates is making promises. Also, there are reasons to suggest that he studies exact sciences – he has interest for it and you can see quantum physics book on the shelve of his dwelling.
Among Sans’ abilities there instant travelling, telekinesis, Gaster Blaster (weapon he uses in struggles), and numerous abilities to avoid battles, like directional force on the opponent’s mind, KR, etc. As he knows how to travel in time, he is attentive and watches the changes around him very carefully, so he always knows when the main character behaves in an unusual manner. In addition to these skills, Sans plays trombone, even though his brother thinks that the sound is annoying.

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