Undertale X

A charming AU created by the user with a nickname Jakei95 Undertale X-Tale includes a couple of parts – there are comics and two animations, one of which is a prequel to the main story. The X-Tale events happen in the world after the Pacific route has been passed by Frisk. Papyrus and Sans are the members of the royal guard now, but the real troubles appear from nowhere. For example, Sans is now possessed by the desire to kill Frisk. Now Frisk is called Cross and he visits each Pacific timeline to make peace with the opposing side and namely – Chara. They make a deal to improve the state of the multi-universe and change things to better.
Together, the characters launch a new power – Rewrite. This allows the Human Child to rewrite and change concrete elements of a particular timeline or AU, in case he has the soul powerful enough to change the way of things. This allows the hero to change and erase timelines and AUs. The story of the game is centered around a strange conflict of Sans and Frisk – the first one tries to kidnap him and everyone think that this is some kind of training. But it turns out that Sans is not inspired by the idea of Rewrite and he wants to defeat Frisk once and forever to prevent horrible mistakes and changes of the way of things that can destroy the universe’s order.

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