The world of Undertale is a unique example of a well-thought game with its own principles and interesting plot twists. This is a role-playing entertainment, where you become a guy that appears in the strange world of unusual creatures, monsters, and spirits. He gets lost in this fantastic universe and wants to get out of there. There are only two outcomes for him – way back home or eternal entrapment in the vicarious and dangerous world he doesn’t really understand. You are here to guide him through all the difficulties, meet numerous characters, and find some valuable things about existence and truth. The title can boast of a philosophical touch and nice thoughtful background that expresses author’s ideas about life. By the way, this masterpiece was created by one person.
One of the main principles of Undertale sounds like this: you have a freedom of will and can behave anyhow you want. However, the game cultivates the principle of peace, so you can negotiate the battles and deal with your enemies in numerous ways – fighting is not the only and not the best way to act. Still, you can follow this route, as well. There are three main scenarios – peaceful, neutral, and violent. This is a unique feature of the game and the route you choose changes everything around you. The world you discover will be different depending on the style you follow. The same happens with the ending of the game – you will meet diverse bosses and end it in various manners considering your previous choices and decisions. Another great feature of the game that makes it unique definitely is the original visual style – it reminds of the old-school platformers. The rich artwork and interesting characters won’t leave you indifferent: all of them have their own stories, traits of personality, habits, and principles in life. What is more, the main creator of the title has a great sense of humor, so endless jokes and absurdist situations will happen all the time.
Player who choose the nonviolent format of the game will make friends with the enemies and all the bosses they have to meet. Your choices can be unique for every situation and this will change the course of the game. What is more, the game includes the ideas of rebirth, which is explained there for a number of times – the world ends, the time reloads, and everything that was done before erases forever, when the new universe is born. Enter the amazing game of Undertale and you will definitely have a great time, playing with skeletons, meeting numerous monsters, and discovering the essence of communication and even the human existence. The game evokes numerous philosophical questions!

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23 Stars
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